About Us

Peng came to United States in the early 21st century as the first generation. He and his wife, Ellen, started their America Dream by working hard and being friendly within the local communities.
They settled in Kansas in 2005 and have started to build their America Dream garden. With several years of efforts and with the helps from Dave Wilson Nurseries, Peng has started a tree business which became to known as Peng's Nurseries and Orchards Co.
With Chinese heritage in their vein, Peng has started to serve the Asian fruit trees and fruit to the communities. Peng's family wants to thank all the supports they got and all the orders you may place with them.
All the experiences and tips they learned during the years are listed on the "Tips and Links" tab to share with you.

A quote from a picture in Peng's office: Do not ever let your dream go, that tiny seed will help you built your dream land.

As we realized our dream, we hope we can help you achieve yours, a beautiful garden, fine Orchards or the land of dream. Chat with us, we would love to help and share.