Japanese Garden Plants


  • Japanese Andromeda

  • Related to rhododendrons, evergreen Japanese andromeda (Pieris japonica) has long, oval-shaped green leaves lined with white. It also has many clusters of small, bell-shaped, white flowers from mid-winter to mid-spring in USDA Zones 5b through 10a. Tiny flower buds that are pink and red form in autumn.
  • Japanese Iris

  • Japanese Iris features showy flowers that measure 4 to 12 inches across and have ruffled petals growing above slender, 4-foot long stems. Irises are usually propagated through division. They usually need to be planted very close to the surface. Most will benefit from mulch. The flowers are in shades of purple, pink, red and white, and frequently are edged with contrasting colour. Japanese Iris grows in full sunlight in USDA Zones 5 through 10 and requires plenty of water. (http://www.jgarden.org/plants.asp?ID=5)
  • Lotus

  • The pink flowers open every morning at dawn and close by noon. Each flower only lasts 2-3 days, but a lotus bed will remain in bloom for 6 weeks.
  • Japanese White Radish

  • One of the 7 herbs of Spring which are considered a sign of spring is coming.

    Bush, Flower

  • Kerria Japonica

  • The deciduous kerria japonica (Kerria japonica) provides roselike, yellow flowers from spring through early summer, green leaves that turn yellow in fall and graceful, arching green stems throughout winter. It grows best in partial shade in Zone 5 through Zone 10.
  • Peony

  • Peonies are deciduous shrubs growing 2 to 6 feet tall with blue-green to bronze leaves. The perfumed, showy flowers have many ruffled petals and appear in Spring. They prefer a sunny spot in the garden.