Li Jujube

aka Chinese Date,中国曲栆,ナツメ,quả táo ta

Also called "Chinese date". Round-shaped fruits are larger than Lang. Reddish-brown, dry and wrinkled, sweet and chewy (like dates) when fully ripe in early Fall. Attractive, easy-to-grow tree: hardy, drought-resistant, virtually pest and disease free. Requires long, hot summer. Low chilling requirement. Harvest between September 4 to October 15. .
Partly self-fruitful, or pollinate by Lang.

  • Standard Li Jujube

    Chinese Date,中国曲栆,ナツメ,quả táo ta

    Price: $56.00/each

    Mature Height: 15-25 ft w/o prune or any desired height by summer pruning

    This item ships bare-root. 6-7 ft tall before put in box
Li Jujube, Chinese Date


Hardiness Zones: 5 - 10

Sun Level:

Full Sun



Chilling Req:

150 HRs

Harvest Date:

Sep. to Oct.




Fine grained/crisp