Sugar Cane Jujube

aka Chinese Date,中国栆,ナツメ,quả táo ta

Small to medium fruit which can be round to elongated, smaller than Li. Extremely sweet fruit but on a very spiny plant. The fruit is worth the spines!
Ripens earlier in the fall than other jujubes.
Tree is precocious, hardy, drought resistant, virtually pest and disease free.Regular watering, though, is important to assure a quality fruit crop. Requires long, hot summer. Very low chill requirement.
It should be given a warm, sunny location, but are otherwise relatively undemanding. Given adequate heat and sun, the trees will thrive without any special care. It should not be planted in the shade of other trees Tolerate many types of soils, but prefer a sandy, well-drained soils and do less well in heavy, poorly drained soil. It is able to grow in soils with high salinity or high alkalinity.
Partly self-fruitful, or pollinate by Other Jujubes.

  • Standard Sugar Cane Jujube

    Chinese Date,中国栆,ナツメ,quả táo ta

    Price: $59.00/each

    Mature Height: 15-20 ft w/o prune or any desired height by summer pruning

    This item ships bare-root. 6-7 ft tall before put in box
SugarCane Jujube, Chinese Date


Hardiness Zones: 5 - 10

Sun Level:

Full Sun



Chilling Req:

150 HRs

Harvest Date:

Sep. to Oct.




Fine grained/crisp